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Restore deleted media files and documents
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Recover various types of data lost due to different reasons, like accidental deletion, virus attacks, system crashes, drive formatting, etc. Get back your photos, music tracks, movies, archives, documents, spreadsheets, and so on. Select between quick and deep scan options and preview files before restoring them.

Undoubtedly, all of us have ever lost important files, either because we accidentally emptied our recycle bin or formatted our pen drive or disk partition. Well, if this is your case, not everything is lost if you count on a tool like Renee Undeleter. If offers you several methods to scan your media and detect/recover your lost files, even after a complete partition or disk formatting.

The program offers a friendly user interface which is suitable for practically any PC user. Its main window simply allows you to select the scan method you want to execute among "Fast Partition Scan", "Whole Partition Scan", "Whole Disk Scan" and "Image Creation". As its name suggests, the first one performs a quick check of your selected drive/partition to locate recently deleted files, for example, if you just emptied your recycle bin by mistake. This method even allows you to select the type of files to look for and allows you to have a preview of any detected file so that you can be totally sure you are recovering the right file. The second method, on the other hand, performs a thorough analysis of your drive/partition which, of course, will take much longer than the first method but will produce more accurate results and will increase your chances of recovering a lost file. In addition, both methods offer you access to a special tool designed to recover the lost information from any Android device that is connected to your PC, but you are required to make a data image of the device in question first.

The third available method, of course, is designed to analyze entire disks, for which it won't allow you to select individual partitions. And finally, the "Image Creation" tool allows you to create a disk-image file in IMG, DD or MCD formats from your selected disk, drive or partition, which of course is one of the most secure ways to backup your information and avoid catastrophic data loss.

In conclusion, Renee Undeleter is a powerful tool that offers you multiple methods to recover lost files, for different file deletion scenarios. Unfortunately, the program is not capable of analyzing or recovering files from the same disk/partition it is installed in, which rests a lot of the program's functionality and competitiveness.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Offers several recovering method for different file deletion scenarios
  • Recovers files even from formatted partitions
  • Offers a fast partition scan for recently deleted files
  • Recovers the lost information from your Android devices
  • Creates image backups from your disks, partitions or Android devices


  • Doesn't analyze or recover files from the same partition it is installed in
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